Two priests. Two destinies. One calling...The review of the documentary: Two Andrews

The premier of the documentary film titled “Two Andrews” was held at the 14th Royal Voice Festival, which is a biannual festival hosted by St. Elisabeth Convent. The documentary was also filmed and produced by the video studio of St.Elisabeth Convent, is about two unique priests: Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok, the spiritual father of St. Elisabeth Convent and Archpriest Andrew Logvinov, poet and cleric of a church in Kostroma in honor of St. John the Theologian. This documentary is not a simple voiceover but has the two main characters talk about their experiences along with their family and about their deeds and their ministry.

Galina Adamovich
The director of the film, Galina Adamovich (known for such films as “The Conductor” and “The Nun”) admitted that it was difficult to shoot the film. In fact, when they began filming they quickly realized they has to work separately as if they were producing two different documentaries because the two people are very different and that the “dual portrait takes away from each individual”.
However, others would disagree with the director, because that same «dual portrait” helped explore the individual characteristics of the two priests and at the same time - their undeniable similarities.  

Father Andrew Lemeshonok – is an extraordinary person, the spiritual father of the convent, the sisterhood, countless laypeople and parishioners and well known for his sermons and talks. A person through whom God shows his works and at the same time is a son, a husband, a father, and a grandfather in his family. Moreover, life is never ideal, it is a long and difficult path with its highs and lows, woes and joys but it is a path to God, nonetheless.

Archpriest Andrew Logvinov – is not only a priest but also a very talented poet and an author of numerous poetry books. In fact, well-known choirs and performers in their repertoire use some of his poems as lyrics. This includes the Festive choir of St. Elisabeth Convent under the direction of Nun Yuliana (Denisova). In every poem, Father Andrew speaks from the heart and speaks about what is most important – faith in God, love for his country and people.

Both Fathers had a similar path in life: baptism, assimilating into orthodoxy, priesthood but also many differences. The documentary shows them in a simple and natural environment where they honestly and openly tell about their lives. As we are better acquainted with them, one can feel God’s presence.

After the film, there was an overwhelming feeling of being grateful. Grateful to the producer for painting a wonderful picture through the movie which was in a way a well delivered sermon and most importantly grateful to God, because He has allowed such extraordinary people to live so close to us.




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