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What is “A Family icon”?

A Family icon is an icon that depicts several patron saints of the family members.

Who is depicted on a family icon?


The saints of children, parents even their dearly departed great-grandparents patron saints can be portrayed on such an icon. Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, Mother of God or a guardian angel can be painted at the top of the icon.
The saints can also be depicted on the borders or the sides of the icon and the holy image of God or Mother of God can be depicted in the center. The saints painted at the borders are generally turned to the image in the center which represents that they are praying to the icon in the middle.
The image of The Mother of God the Healer traditionally was painted when someone was sick along the family members and the icon of The Mother of God Nurturer of Children was painted for families with children.

Why do we need a family icon?

In ancient times, family icons have been honored as sacred things that bound family members and united them in spirit. Such an icon will unite a family as a Small Church. This is because Families can pray in front of a family icon, venerate all of their saints at the same time, they may thank God for His good deeds and pray for health of other as well as for love, peace and agreement.
If you have a family icon at home, it will make your family whole, strengthen your faith and help you to do good with pure intent.
Over the centuries family icons have been commissioned and passed on from generation to generation. Because of this, patron saints of the family members became patrons for the whole kin.


A family icon can be made:
– for your own family;
– as a gift for your friends’ or relatives’ families;
– as a gift for your children who are getting married which serves as your blessing;
You can order a family icon for the anniversary of the marriage or any other significant family event.

About our icon painters

The icon painters of the Saint Elisabeth Convent deal with their work in a highly responsible manner. All the icons are painted according to the orthodox canons. Furthermore, only ancient technologies and natural materials are used for painting.
The price and the term of fulfilling an order depend on the size of the icon, composition complexity as well as decorative elements of the icon such as metal oklads (icon cases) or semiprecious stone decorations.
How to order
A family icon is a unique work, which will be created particularly for you and your family.
To order an icon, you can contact us via e-mail: or Click Here to place your order.
Painting and sending processes
1) You should tell us the names and dates of birth of the family members, for whom our icon painters will paint.
2) We will find the right images of the patron saints (you may do it yourself as well).
3) We will develop the composition of the icon and discuss it with you.
4) An icon painter will work on the icon for 1-2 months.
5) If you wish you may decorate the icon (at an additional cost) with a handmade oklad, or put it in a special icon case (kiot).
6) When the icon is ready, it will be blessed by an orthodox priest in the altar 
A few more examples of family icons: 




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