Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week of February 6th

5. An Orthodox perspective on yoga

Yoga was first presented in the Western world as a kind of "physical exercise", a method of relaxation and psychological calmness. Its basic difference from the usual physical exercise lays, inter alias, in the characteristic immobility. Many yoga exercises have some positive effects on certain people –something, nevertheless, that occurs with the exercises of other systems as well…READ FULL ARTICLE

4. To Obey like the Pharisee, to Repent like the Publican

We have already begun our preparation for the Great Lent. We are on the verge of the period of our life when we should follow Christ, step by step, on His way to Golgotha, to become the witnesses of victory over death. These weeks should form a special attitude towards the spiritual life inside us . We can say that the Great Lent, as well as our life in general, is our preparation for Pascha…READ FULL ARTICLE

3. Reflections on the Holy Scripture: the Pharisee and the Publican

This short familiar passage tells me once again, how important it is to read the Gospel carefully and with prayer, to read the passage several times, as if you want to memorize it. Then you get the wish to understand the meaning and the desire to check the explanations of the words and expressions – and that which was clear after first reading may lead to questions after the fifth reading…READ FULL ARTICLE

2. The meaning of the Deaconate in the Orthodox Church

The diaconate has been a little understood ministry, in fact, often a misunderstood ministry.  Although it is one of three ordained orders, most lay people have little or no contact with a deacon, no idea of the history of the diaconate or what it entails today.  We hope to clarify some of the questions about deacons below…READ FULL ARTICLE

1. How to Greet a Monk or Nun

The Russian approach is usually rather easy: if they're wearing a pectoral cross, you can get a blessing from them. Unless, of course, they're outside of the church and not wearing their cross. . .READ FULL ARTICLE



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