Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week of February 13th

5. Matushka: A wonderful title, and no real job description?

What does it mean to have a wonderful title, and no real job description? The position of the wife of a priest is exactly this. The various languages or every Orthodox country have titles of honor for the priest’s wife. Some might literally be translated as ‘priestess’, while some mean ‘wife of the priest’, and in at least one language — Russian — the priest’s wife is ‘mother’ or ‘little mother’…READ FULL ARTICLE

4. Why Go to Church If I Have God in My Heart?

Each one of us has some acquaintances, or even relatives, who regard our gathering in church with puzzlement. Profound lack of understanding is written on their faces, even at times disturbance. Sometimes this pours out in words such as these: "Well, alright, you've committed yourself to the Faith, be that as it may. But why go to church, and waste all that time and effort in doing so?..READ FULL ARTICLE

3. On Church Singing

"The aesthetic element in the liturgy: in liturgical poetry, music and rite is not accidental but essential; ...when deprived of it, liturgy ceases properly to fulfill its very function, which is not simply to communicate ideas about God, but to reveal 'heaven on earth.' In our liturgical tradition this aesthetic structure of worship is absolutely essential...READ FULL ARTICLE

2. St. Nicholas of Japan on Buddhism

The saint just as negatively reacted to the idea he heard of creating a hybrid of Christianity and Buddhism, pointing out the “absurdity of such an endeavor, and the impossibility under any circumstances of comparing the truth of God’s faith with human invention” (III, 363)…READ FULL ARTICLE

1. An orthodox perspective on overcoming anxiety: Christ, the Church Fathers, and Cognitive Scientific Psychology

In psychology research, anxiety disturbances represent a variety of mental disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). The maladies associated with anxiety include: panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, anxiety associated with medical conditions, anxiety induced by substance intake and generalized anxiety disorder…READ FULL ARTICLE



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