Handmade Gift Ideas: Puppy Eco Toy Pillow

This Puppy Toy Pillow is made of natural linen and filled with buckwheat hulls. It has a decorative doggie-shaped pillowcase. A creative decoration for your child’s bed and an eco-friendly toy. There is a small pocket on the puppy`s tummy, where you can hide something small.

You can use this pillow as a bed warmer, too: take it out of the pillowcase and warm it up in a microwave oven to a preferred temperature.

Fabric: 100% linen.

Filling: 100% buckwheat hulls.

Size: 20 cm high, 27 cm wide.

Each Puppy pillow is unique and may be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

If you want a certain color, please specify it in the Comment field of your order.

Order a toy today to receive it in time for Christmas: https://catalog.obitel-minsk.com/doggie-toy-pillow-tm-11-2-9.html



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