Parable of the Day: The Power of God's Command

There was a poor woman who did not have money to feed her children. She called a radio station and beseeched God’s help.

One of the listeners was a diehard atheist and decided to make fun of the woman. He found out her address, called his secretary, and ordered her to buy some expensive food. The girl returned with meat, cheese, and candies. She was surprised when her boss ordered her to deliver the food to that woman’s house, and if she asks who sent the food, tell her that it was the devil.

When the secretary gave the food box to the poor woman, she was so grateful that she cried. She couldn’t stop thanking the girl. When the girl was leaving, she asked the woman:

— Don’t you want to know who sent the food?

The woman replied:

— No I don’t. It doesn’t matter because when God commands, even Satan complies.

Prepared by The Catalog of Good Deeds



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