Parable of the Day: God Gives You not What You Ask for, but What You Need

I was asking God to take away my pride. God said no. He said that He won’t take my pride away; it’s up to me to reject it.

I was asking God to heal my daughter who was confined to bed. God said no. Her soul is safe and her body will die anyway.

I was asking God to grant me patience. God said no. Patience is born out of temptations. It isn’t “granted”, it is earned.

I was asking God to make me happy. God said no. He gave me a blessing and added that it’s up to me to be happy or not.

I was asking God to protect me from pain. God said no. Suffering turns an individual away from earthly cares and leads one to God.

I was asking God to grow my spirit. God said no. He said that spirit must grow on its own.

I was asking God to teach me to love all people like He loves me. “Finally,” the Lord said, “you’ve learned what you should be asking for.”

I was asking for strength, and God sent me ordeals to make me stronger.

I was asking for wisdom, and God sent me puzzles to solve.

I was asking for courage, and God sent me dangers.

I was asking for love, and God sent me miserable people in need of my help.

I was asking for good things, and God gave me opportunities.

I didn’t receive any of the things that I was asking for. I received everything that I needed!

God heard my prayers, indeed.

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds



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