Parable of the Day: “Why Not a Cross?”, God Asked

There was a lonely and unhappy man. He prayed to God saying:

“O Lord, please send me a pretty woman: I’m very lonely, and I need a friend!”

God asked the man:

“Why not a cross?”

The man was angry:

“A cross? Do I look like a man who’s tired of his life?!  I want a pretty woman!”

So he received a pretty woman but he soon became even unhappier than he used to be: that woman was a pain in his heart. He prayed to God again:

“O Lord give me a sword!”

He was planning to kill that woman and get rid of her. He was dreaming of the good old times.

God asked the man again:

“Why not a cross? Don’t you think it’s time to get a cross?”

The man was in a fury:

“Don’t you see that this woman is worse than any cross? Please give me a sword!”

The sword appeared. The man attempted to kill the woman but he was caught and sentenced to crucifixion. He was praying to God on the cross, and loudly exclaimed:

“I’m sorry, O Lord! I didn’t listen to you when you offered me the cross. If I’d listened to you, I’d have avoided all that unnecessary hassle.”

Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds



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