Q&A with a Priest: What If Doctors Say We Can’t Have Children?

Question: Father Andrew, please tell us what to do. We’re married for more than two years now, and we had a church wedding. We’ve found out lately that my husband has an inherited condition, which makes him 100% sterile. Doctors offer various solutions but I have doubts. I’m 21, and I don’t think I’ll be able to live my entire life without children, especially since I know that I can get pregnant… But I can’t divorce my husband, either. We’re lost. Anastasia.
Answer by Fr. Andrew Lemeshonok: I think that if you are believers who are married in church, and if you ask God to give you a baby, a miracle can happen.
Of course, we rely on doctors and their technologies, their methods. However, it might be helpful if you and your husband undertake a regular prayer rule, if you stay spiritually awake. Human judgement is one thing, while God’s judgement is another. Earthly doctors say one thing, but the Heavenly Doctor can say and do something different. All those medical interventions are so unreliable! And they are too human, too earth-based. Try and earn your child. There have been such cases in the history of the Church, and they are not infrequent. There have been such cases even nowadays, when doctors say that “you’re not going to have kids” but the Lord gives people a baby after they pray, after they show genuine repentance combined with moderation and fasting. It’s a gift from God. So if I were you, I’d try praying to God.
October 9, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent

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