15 Quotes of Guidance from Saint Silouan the Athonite

1. A meek and humble soul is better than these flowers, both the smell and aroma are better and more beautiful.

2. God created flowers for man, so that the soul in the creature glorifies the Creator and loves Him.

3. The Lord and heaven mourn, if someone sins and does not repent.

4. I love flowers, but do you love the Lord and the enemies that offend you? If you do, then you are a good person.

5. The Lord, like a child-loving mother washing her child of all dirty, forgives us and graciously sanctifies, as long as we repent sincerely.

6. The Lord loves a courageous soul that completely trusts Him.

7. People who repent will live forever with God and will love God, and will be pleasant to the Father like children.

8. Upon knowing the Lord the soul misses Him day and night and tearfully searches for Him, because it cannot forget the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.

9. The proud cannot love God.

10. He who loves to eat a lot cannot love God properly.

11. In order to love God, one must lose everything earthly, have no passion to anything, but think about God and His love, and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.

12. If the soul repents, the Lord will show joy in God. And then there will be a Kingdom within us.

13. Rely on the will of God, and sorrows will be less, and it will be easier to bear them, because the soul will be in God and will find comfort in Him.

14. If a person becomes irritated, then the demon enters him, and if he humles himself, then the demon goes out.

15. If you don’t repent, then you won’t get better until your death.

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