St Simeon of Dajbabe. 15 Quotes

God is reflected in nature, in the same way as man is mirrored in clear water. A foul heart obscures the image of God’s mercy like muddy water.

A passenger needs a ticket to board a ship, and a Christian needs a pure heart to get to heaven.

Like a courtyard surrounding the house, the fear of God should surround the heart to protect the soul and body.

The gates are opened with the key, and eternal life is achieved by mercy.

Bees do not let strangers into their hive. In the same way, true Christians do not allow sinful thoughts into their hearts.

Oak makes the strongest boat, and patience makes the strongest man.

The older the wine, the better its taste; the more thoughtful the word, the higher its value.

To keep the room warm, do not open the door too often. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, do not talk too much.

They call a place unhealthy if there are mosquitoes there. In a similar way, faith is weak if surrounded with luxury.

Strong winds get in the way of planes, and good times get in the way of real faith.

The winter cold makes an olive fruitful and full of oil, and hard temptations adorn a Christian with piety.

You don’t want the toad with your fresh water, so do not expect glory for a good deed.

Do not leave seeds on the surface of the earth, so that the birds do not scatter them, and do not divulge your good deeds, so that they are not disseminated by word of mouth. Cover your seeds with soil and your good deeds with humility.

It is impossible to learn to swim in a heartbeat, just like it is impossible to instantly start living piously.

A sunflower turns towards the sun, and a righteous man turns towards God and everything holy.

Source: “God is Revealed to a Pure Heart. Biography and works of Elder Simeon, the Dajbabe Wonderworker “

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