Holy Righteous Alexy Mechev.  Quotes about God’s Love And Mutual Help

On June 22, the church commemorates Righteous Alexei Mechev, the great elder and confessor to many people.


About Compassion And Mutual Help


We must try to take the load off one another’s shoulders. When we see someone in a difficult situation, we need to approach that person and take his burden upon ourselves, to make it easier for him and to help in any way possible. By listening to others, we take on their burden, dividing their grief in half.



Share your warmth and light with those around you; try to begin with your family and work on that. Soon this work will entice you so much that your family circle will become too narrow for you. Then the halo of your warm rays will gradually grow, illuminating more and more people; so try to keep your lamp burning bright.



There are moments when we have a strong desire to help others. There is no doubt that it is the Lord Who disposes our hearts to save another person. Try to be clean vessels so that He can work through you and use you as an instrument in His hands.



Try to put yourself in place of each person, consider who is in front of you, be compassionate to others, so as to ease their burdens. This will give you the opportunity to painlessly disengage yourself from your ego and suffer with others, as Christ suffered for everyone.


About Meeting People


There are no coincidences on earth; everything is from the Lord, all our meetings are not accidental. The Lord sends them to us for a reason. We often treat the people indifferently and without attention; meanwhile the Lord sends them to us so that we can give them something that they do not have and help them. I don’t mean this in the material sense, of course, but in a broader sense. Perhaps these people need our love, humility and meekness, something that would lead them to Christ by our example. If you refuse to help someone or serve him in anything, remember that he will still not be deprived of it. The Lord gives you an opportunity to do good and to draw closer to Him; if you refuse, He will find someone else to give this person what he needs and what’s best for him.



Sometimes we feel a desire to help someone, albeit by an affectionate word.  Why? There may be many reasons for your favourable disposition, but soon you see that it is not accidental. But you must remain “a clean vessel”, so that the Lord can freely dispose of you for the salvation of others, without being hindered by your evil passions, which always resist good.


Self Perfection


Love is acquired by self-improvement, by commitment and by prayer.



We need to have a strong willpower, but we have none unless we train it. For example, if a child is brought up observing fasts, he gets used to doing what is necessary. His willpower then becomes stronger, making it easy for him to do everything right.



The devil cannot fight with humility, but we don’t have it. We all think about ourselves; we all try to arrange our happiness ourselves. We put ourselves in the place of God and forget that every proud person is an unhappy person because he moves away from God. This is why the saints avoided honor, fearing that they would become proud, separate themselves from the Lord and fail at serving Him, beginning to serve themselves instead. To avoid this, we need to be attentive to ourselves, remembering every evening what happened during the day and writing everything down. For example, “I almost became irritated, but I prayed and the Lord prevented it. Lord, forgive my anger, etc.” Later we will see that the Lord always helps us.



Every day, every hour and every minute spent in purity, must be held precious because we can live knowing that we can bring it to the Lord. At least one hour…

Translated by The Catalogue of Good Deeds
Source: https://pravlife.org/ru/content/pravednyy-aleksiy-mechyov-citaty-o-lyubvi-boga-k-nam-i-vzaimopomoshchi

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